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Being a Lead Worshipper by Sidney Mohede

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ImageI just want to share briefly about the path God has put me in the last 16 years of my life in the areas of worship-leading..

There are great theological definitions of worship, but a real simple one for me is this: all of me for all of Him. You will see that all through Scripture. There's nothing in that definition about music, it's just our whole life for God.

I didn't pray God would make me a musician, I didn't pray God would put me on a stage, I just wanted God to have all of me. That's what worship is, that God would have all of you and that you'd live for His glory.

Let me tell you – let God do all the promotion! One day you will look back on your life and say, "Wow, how in the world did this ever work? Only God can do that."


Just be open to God and just have a heart that says, "God, all of me is for all of you," and you never know what He will do.

Maybe you say of your ministry, "Well, I just do these little things, it's not a big deal," To God it is a big deal; it's a really big deal. God doesn't really care about the outside, he's always looking at your heart. So know that if God can use someone like me—who can only play guitar in G, and shakes before singing—then what he's really interested in is a heart that's after Him and for Him. That's what He's going to use.

  • Have the Right Circle of Friends: to encourage you, support you and build your life.
  • Humbleness: I want you to think about John the Baptist, because everyone was coming to John the Baptist, too, saying, 'You're it, man. We're following you. You're the man.' I want you to think all day long when people come up to you and the flashes keep flashing that He (Jesus) must become greater, and I must become less. Because that was John's heart.

    Humility=strength + courage under control

  • Make men before you make music. He was talking about my band with me. He said, "It's more important to leave a legacy in these men than to leave a legacy with your music." +++ "Because you'll never lead the masses, if you can't lead the people closest to you." Anything you can do like that for some music person who gets wrapped up in the music and thinks it's all about the music, is helpful. Just to remind them that it's way beyond the music.
  • Be a lead worshipper. Just feel that in yourself. We use the worship leader title, but lead worshipper is such a better word; it puts it more in perspective. It says, I'm just a worshiper, too, but for whatever reason, God has let me lead for this time. So lead people.
  • Just love your people. Being vulnerable before people is so amazing, because your church is full of different kinds of people. Who knows what their lives are like? Who knows what kind of state their lives are in? You look out and some are getting it, some aren't. Just love them. Don't try to take people from A to Z, take them from A to B, B to C, C to D, one step at a time. I think that's what great leaders do. Sometimes we say, "God, am I really connecting to you?" But know that God has placed you in leadership to help people connect as well, so don't feel bad that you're trying to help people connect, because in that process you're really pleasing the heart of God. You're helping people connect to Him. I know the logistics are a big deal, but don't get so distracted and feel that it's all on you.

Know that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate lead worshipper, so let that take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Warm regards,
Sidney Mohede

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